Witch Hunter Captain But Balanced — Vermintide 2

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What if Killing Shot only worked on charged attacks, and only for lights if the light crit headshots are equal to half or more of the target's health? This is a Cata Deathwish run on Screaming Bell.
WHC build:

HeroTweaks (Killing Shot change already mentioned):
– Headshot/crit thp: on hs (headshot), on crit. Heavies give 4 on hs, on crit. 2nd
target hit by any attack gives on hs, on crit, 3rd target gives on hs, on crit.
– Deathknell: Now also increases Crit Power by 20%.
Dawi Steel: Rapier can now weapon switch after a push attack.
Tourney Balance: Nerfs Assassin to give no bonus on crit bodyshot.

00:00 Start
05:10 Chaos Spawn
10:15 Post-Spawn
19:11 Final

I don't have a lot of time but I wanted to show HeroTweaks' Killing Shot changes. I forgot to show my mods and build in the run, probably doesn't matter at this point but for the sake of transparency I've linked my console log and Vermintide Analyser file.
– Vermintide Analyser file:
– Console Log:

There are background music tracks in this video by:
– Pharloom's Musician - Gauthier –
– MAT –
– Lazy Moonkin –

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