Weekly Online Movie Gathering - The Movie "TANGLED" - Commentary by David Hoffmeister

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"TANGLED" - Weekly online movie session - Commentary by David Hoffmeister

The call to go home is so strong in our hearts that nothing and nobody can stop us. We can delay our journey by trying to please people, or in the case of this movie, trying to please the mother. But nothing can prevent the main character from responding to her heart's call.

The movie Tangled is used to cover a variety of themes voted for in the movie poll leading up to the gathering, Struggling with "Personal Responsibility" Thoughts, Accepting That I Cannot Wake Myself, Learning to Be Gentle with Oneself and Others, Healing in the Special Relationship and Allowing Rage and Intense Emotions to Arise.

David Hoffmeister is on an impossible mission trying to address all the themes with this movie but it all comes together beautifully and everybody is touched.

Listen to this wonderful movie session that will take you on an adventure and explore deep themes within your mind in order to recover the light that shines within you.

The Movie session was shot on Wednesday, December 2, 2020, at Casa Quantico, Ajijic, Mexico.
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