VENOM 2 Let There Be Carnage Trailer Breakdown | Easter Eggs Explained, Reaction & Things You Missed

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VENOM 2: Let There Be Carnage (2021) Official Trailer Breakdown | Easter Eggs Explained, Things You Missed & Reaction. The trailer for Venom Let There Be Carnage is now out and in this video we breakdown the easter eggs, things you missed and discuss what could be happening in the film.

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The trailer itself opens in San Francisco which was of course the same place that the first movie was set.

We can see Eddie and Venom are pretty much in an odd couple situation and the latter sings the song let's call the whole thing off by Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald. This was about two people who would pretty much disagree on their pronunciation of words like tomato tomata potatoe potatoe. Initially the song was about refined accents and so on but over time it's been come to be used in pop culture films like when Harry Met Sally to pretty much show to opposites having to try and work together until they end up butting heads over it.

We also see there is one rule which is no eating people, something that Brock established at the end of the prior movie.

Venom is clearly sticking to this as he makes some Waffles that look like the kind of thing I'd knock up the one time my wife asks me to make breakfast. Make it yourself.

We then cut to him visiting misses chen, the conveniance store owner from the first film who Venom of course saved. We sort of play upon that movie quite a bit in the next clip as we see that Eddie has still been visiting Cletus cassidy in jail which of course ties into the post credits scene of that film.

We can hear his voice narrating the clip and he does the old speech, you know the old one that villains always do. You and me are the same.

We can see that the character has had his hair cut and though it's not as ridiculous as the sideshow bob one from last 's still pretty ridiculous.

In his cell he's carved child like drawings into the wall. These include teddy bears and a tree in a later shot. Clearly they link back to his childhood and in the first look we see Brock going through some over similar drawings. According to leaks on the film, Casady has several victims that have not been discovered that Eddie is trying to find the remains of. This will bring closure to the families and mean that they finally know what happened to their relatives. While we can never verify leaks I think this is probably true as we see a police officer in the next scene being played by Stephen Graeme reading a paper.

On this the headline reads the hidden victims of Cletus Kasady, further tying back to this.

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