Terraria - TeaNPC mod - Star Witch No-hit

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This isn't a new series, These are random videos from me boss testing, A new series will have a reveal trailer.

Introducing TeaNPC! This is an unreleased mod that I was given access to ages ago but was to busy to try a fool I was, This is a really cool looking mod and the bosses are something to see as well
Todays boss to scream in fear is: Snow Witch
old same old:

No-hit - Simple enough, Can't get hit

On tier gear - Only gear pre-(Boss) is allowed.

No melting!............Do I need to explain ?

Bosses+minibosses - All bosses will be No-hit plus some Minibosses that deserve it.

No Rod of Discord - This rule is simple, I'm to avoid the Rod of Discord, The only time it's allowed is if the boss is broken in some manner making it incredibly unfair with unavoidable attacks.

My Discord server:
Shadows of Abaddon could use your help, They are in need of spriters so if you're a good Spriter go have a talk with Dan Yami.
Shadows of Abaddon Discord server:

Tries: 53 (She is way harder to deal with than you'd think!)
Music: Touhou 8 IN LoveColored Master Spark Intense Symphonic Metal Cover

Thanking ya zone:
Yharex & Kawaggy for spriting and Coding the pet that will follow me for the rest of time, Thank you both so much for this.
Yharex for Spriting the new Vanity set.
Kawaggy for coding the Vanity and the eye.
FunkIt for the Angel pet resprite.
5妹儿 for giving me access to the unreleased beta.
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