SpaceX Boca Chica - Orbital Launch Site progresses, crane preps for Super Heavy booster stacking

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SpaceX continues to make rapid progress on the Orbital Launch Site ahead of an orbital launch attempt scheduled for later this year. Additionally, the large crane – unofficially nicknamed "Tankzilla" – continued preparations to stack Super Heavy BN1.

Video & Photos from Mary (@BocaChicaGal). Edited by Nic Gautschi (@NGautschi).

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0:00 - Tankzilla Upright Ahead of Super Heavy Stacking
1:03 - Starship SN11 on Suborbital Pad B
2:14 - Sunrise at the Tank Farm
2:56 - New Barrel Section on a Stand Outside Mid Bay
3:27 - Mystery Structure and the Build Site from High to Mid Bays
4:12 - Tankzilla / Taller Than Usual
4:57 - Tankzilla / Rotating and Leaning
6:10 - Deliveries
8:25 - High Bay and Tankzilla / Preparing for Super Heavy BN1 Stacking
9:42 - Workers Prep Tankzilla for BN1 Stacking
10:22 - Delivery
11:22 - Tank Farm Construction Continues
12:31 - SN11 and Starhopper at the Launch Site
13:02 - Prep for More Concrete Work at the Launch Site / Looks Like They’re Finishing the Ramp
13:40 - The Domes Have Moved / Holed Dome Will Make Its Way into Tent 2
14:24 - 3 Ring Stack Moves into Tent 1
15:08 - Construction Continues as a Stand is Moved
15:41 - Nosecone Moves Inside Tent 3 / Nosecone Barrel Section is Still Sitting Outdoors
16:11 - Beam Being Attached to Mystery Structure’s Poles
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