Simple Bandwidth Monitoring - Four Great Open Source tools for monitoring your system bandwidth.

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This week I wanted to give you some really simple tools for monitoring your machine's bandwidth usage. I'll be including a few really great tools you can run directly from the terminal (CLI) and this means you can run them remotely via SSH without the concern of overhead of a GUI.

We'll be covering NLoad, CBM (Color Bandwidth Monitor), IFTop (Interface Top), and BMon (Bandwidth Monitor). I'll also be using the Terminator terminal interface as I allows for splitting the interface into sections both horizontally and vertically.

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00:00 Beginning
00:11 Introduction to Bandwidth Monitoring
00:51 Thank you to my Patrons and Subscribers
01:45 Install the Tools
04:05 Terminator Terminal Emulator
05:00 NLoad Monitor
07:20 iftop Monitor
09:00 CBM - Color Bandwidth Monitor
10:05 bmon - Bandwidth Monitor

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