NES Sound: The DMC - Behind the Code

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Examination of one sound channel of the NES - the DMC. Analog to digital conversion, PCM, and DPCM are covered.

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0:00 Intro
1:00 What is Sound?
3:08 From Analog to Digital
5:59 PCM Explanation
7:45 PCM on the NES
10:15 Raw PCM on Register $4011
11:21 DPCM on the NES
12:52 Dwouble Dwibble and Registers $4012 and $4013
18:37 NES DPCM Sample Rate Options
20:56 NES Speech Replacement
21:53 DPCM Instruments
23:26 Sample Length and the Off-by-one Error
26:06 Looping Samples
27:46 A DPCM ROM
28:33 Journey to Silius Bass Compare
29:56 Thoughts on Bass Change
30:46 Super C and Drums vs Orchestra Hits
32:07 DMC Shortcomings
33:10 Conclusion and Outro
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