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Booyah Channel:-

Hello and thank you for tuning into my Live Stream! My IGN is Marzil and I'm just a professional player for Team Blaze Esports trying to make it big and wanted to live stream CS:GO for my fans :-)

I used to play for OpTic India, Signify and Entity Gaming in the past and now I livestream CS:GO sometimes. Feel free to interact with me on chat or hop onto my discord.

My rank is Global elite, I am level 10 on Faceit.

Join my discord!


1st Place ESL India Premiership Fall Season
1st Place Taiwan Excellence Gaming Cup Qualifier #3
1st Place TEC Pro League Season 1
1st Seed ESL India Premiership Fall Season
1st Place Loco Battle Zone CS GO Tournament 2
1st Place Velocity Gaming CS GO Tournament
1st Place Loco Battle Zone CS GO Tournament 1
8-16th Place Perfect World Asia League Fall 2020 Qualifier
1st Place Yuwin Community Cup 2020
2nd Seed ESL India Premiership 2020 Summer Season
3rd-4th Place Elitehubs CSGO Community Tournament 3 2020
1st Place Elitehubs CSGO Community Tournament 2 Champion 2020
1st Place eSamurai DojoMasters Season 1 2020
3rd-4th Place Elitehubs CSGO Community Tournament 1 2020
1st Place INNO3D Champions League 2020
1st Place ASUS ROG Showdown 2 2020
2nd Place ESL Masters Winter Season Finale 2019-20
5th-8th Place IEM Katowice Asia Open Qualifiers 2020

1st Place WESG South Asia Qualifiers 2019
3rd-4th Place ESL Masters Fall Season Finale 2019
2nd Place Taiwan Excellence 2019 Finals
1st Place ESL India Summer Season Finale 2019
1st Place ESL India Winter Season Finale 2017
1st place Taiwan Excellence Gaming Cup 2017
1st place Zowie Extremelands Qualifier 2016 India

2nd Place Dreamhack Mumbai 2018
2nd Place ESL India Summer Season Finale 2018
2nd place ESL Challenger Cup #2 2016
2nd place SuperNova CS:GO Championship 2016
2nd place Video Games Fest Bangalore 2015
2nd place Logitec F2P #1 2013

3rd place NVIDIA FPS Battle 2016
5-6th Place COBX Masters 2018
7-8th place Plugged In Bangalore 2014

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---------------------------GAMING GEAR-------------------------
I have played with Razer, Logitec, Zowie and Steelseries products and I have to say that the most durable and best-performing ones are from Zowie. I however like wireless mice so I am using the G304

-Zowie EC1
-Zowie GS-R
-HyperX Cloud I
-HyperX Alloy FPS Tenkeyless

---------------------------PC CONFIG-------------------------------
This is a PC best built for CS:GO. Since CS:GO is very CPU intensive I play on a config with a high end CPU and also have a 240 HZ monitor for spotting enemies a lot quicker.

RAM- 16 gb (8x2) XPG RGB 3200 Mhz
CPU- AMD Ryzen 5 5600x @ Ghz
Monitor- Zowie XL2546 @ 240 HZ

---------------------------CS:GO SETTINGS---------------------
I personally think that these settings should be what make you feel really comfortable and also give you good FPS and the ability to spot enemies easily. These settings help me achieve that.

Resolution: 1920*1080
Raw input: 1
DPI: 400
Polling rate: 1000Hz

I constantly keep changing my crosshair but the one I most generally use is:
Crosshair: Style 4, Size 1, Gap -3, Color 1, Thickness

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