My iPhone Battery Health Increased from 88% to 94% by using this Battery Health Fix in 2021

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iPhone battery health is something many people asking how to fix or maintain 100%. In this video I am showing you how to fix your battery health in 2021. #batteryhealthfix

Hello guys, in the following minutes you will see how I fixed my iphone battery health, increased it and it's almost 100% after almost 2 year of usage of my device. As you know the battery health/capacity of your iPhone is extremely important, so I am sharing with you some tips and tricks, but most importantly the battery health fix app, to keep the battery health/battery capacity as high as possible in 2021.

As long as you take your time and watch carefully what I am doing in the guide, you will have no problem fixing your battery health. If you are android user, do not worry, this is also fixing battery health on android devices, I can say it's 100% possible in 2021 to maintain almost 100% of your phone capacity even after heavy usage.

Thank you guys for watching my battery health fix guide 2021. Make sure to leave a like if it worked out for you and please, subscribe for more tutorials in the near future.
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