Meet Horizon – Apex Legends Character Trailer

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Meet Horizon, a brilliant astrophysicist who escaped a black hole and aims to use her newfound mastery of gravity to keep a promise.

Nearly a century ago, the Outlands suffered from a terrible energy crisis. Dr. Mary Somers theorized the solution was Branthium, an element only found on the accretion disk of a black hole. She left her son behind on Olympus to prove it. Horizon was right, but it cost her everything. Now Horizon is entering the Games to earn enough money to find a way to travel back in time and be with her son. Fortunately, she’s developed some powerful gravity-altering tech to help her along the way.

Horizon’s custom spacesuit allows her to fall from great heights and control her movements in the air. She can deploy gravity lifts to give her team a vertical boost, and she can even deploy to drop a micro black hole to suck opponents in and blast them with gravity.
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