Krunker Update 3.8.0 (FaceIT Ranked rework news, New share button market listing, AFK faster)

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Krunker Update (FaceIT Ranked rework news, New share button market listing, AFK faster)
In today's video I show you everything you need to know about the new update in krunkerio and do some FFA Sniper krunker Gameplay, in this NEW UPDATE, A new Button that allows you to Share a Link to a Krunker Market listing like a Unobtanible, contraband, relic, legendary, epic, rare, uncommon item USING THE NEW BUTTON and Some New Things going on with Face-IT that is working with Krunker for the Ranked rework of 2021 NEW! and Anti-Cheat+
also, AFK players will be Kicked faster and more efficiently

UPDATE Catalog:
New Free spin

Added new Languages: French, Finnish, Chinese

Updated language translations

Added 2 new KPD officers

Can now see region call log for KPD

Can now see caller on spectate UI for KPD

Added Market listings to profiles

Added share button to each market listing

Fixed !important override in css mods

CSS mods now have more options

Added disable shoot while crouched option to editor

Fixed Projectile going through wall on client issue

AFK players now get kicked from lobbies more effectively

Added "Set interface Deposit box amount" Trigger Action

Added Saveleader Trigger action to editor (Saves score, time or custom value (Coming soon))

Saveleader trigger will only work when hosting a game/map on default settings (KR rewards) set by the creator)

Added leaderboard object to custom maps: Score, Time Ascending, Time Descending, Custom value Ascending, Custom value descending

Increased max zoom value to 15 from 10

Minimum Spread value is now lower

Spread value now increments in decimals

Fixed objective points on End screen (leaderboard)

Fixed negative social count

Fixed rare server crash

FaceIT news: Last week of internal testing

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