If You See Dots on Your iPhone, Someone's Using Your Camera!

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Do you think you know your iPhone very well? But do you know how to create a unique vibration for any of your contacts? Or that you can take a selfie not only with the volume button on your phone but simply by hitting that button on your headphones? Or that you can make your phone about 20% louder? Most owners of Apple devices don’t realize how truly powerful their gadgets are. We have picked some cool tricks that can make your iPhone experience better than you ever dreamed!

Let's say you typed a very long message but turns out you need to get rid of it. You can literally shake it off. Just shake the phone to undo the typing. By the way, if you like typing with one hand, it’s probably high time you set the right keyboard. While typing, hold the Globe button. Three keyboards will appear: the one on the left is used whenever you type holding your phone in the left hand, the one in the middle is for both hands, and the one on the right is for typing with the right hand only. So, here are some of the coolest iOS features you probably didn’t know about.


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