How To Use Zap Super Witch Strategy with Warden Walk | Th13 Zap SuperWitch Attack Strategy | CoC

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This video is about Zap SuperWitch attack strategy using warden 's Giant Skeleton has high life value so you can use them to attract deffences and rest of units will clear the buildings???????? with zap you can clear the one certain core/area from base????????..and i hope you guys will like this video after watching it????????

Main Army Composition:SuperWitch×4 / Witch×3 / Loon×4 / Wizard×4 / Healer×4 / WallBreaker×6
Spells:Lightning×5 / Rage×2 / Jump×1 / cc(Earthquake×1/Poison×1)

Siege Machine:Usually Siege Barrack(Yeti×2 / Super Goblin×3)


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