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Gold Price today - What is gold price future predictions 2021 for short and long term? Gold price Today Live- Should I buy Gold or Sell Gold. Sone ka bhav April main. Why gold carch again? What will be the impact on gold on US news.

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** Short Term forecast for 2021 :
Short Term forecast for 2021 :
As predicted - Gold bounce back from early April (43300 continue to be major support - double dip patter seen this time)
Local demand and US Infrastructure stimulus was major trigger
Around the world Inflation impact expected from June/July – this will push price upwards

Around 50,000 possible by end of 2021 - Less chance to cross $1960 (MCX 51700/52450) until major event like economy default/War.

Long term/Investment strategy – coming next in video

Fear of MCX 38000 still on board – Gold Below 43300 will open up possibility as well but Less chance based on upcoming triggers

Local demand may trigger premium price compare to $gold in April/May. Have close watch on weekly video and community section updates

** Best time to buy for Marriage :
April : we assume that most of viewer bought 100% based on weekly calls – if you are new then consider 100% on any dip based on risk profile.

May onwards and future: 50-70% (we assume most of viewers bought based on suggestions in weekly video). For them wait and watch call as of now. SIP strategy for rest of gold can also be considered if you do not want to take risk.

** SIP strategy if you are new or have not bought Gold.

Gold price in india chart - Reason for price increase in India?

buy and sell gold 22 karat and 24 karat?

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** Best time for investment in Gold :

Strategy – New Message to viewers
Buy Digital Gold only like SGB or Gold ETF/ Gold MF – Prefer long term investment
We are bullish on Gold for Long term – around 90K can be seen in 7/8 Years
~15% can be invested in Gold for overall saving. Prefer SGB
We assume most of existing viewers has bought around 70%. SIP strategy for rest of gold can also be considered if you do not want to take risk. Else wait and watch mode
New users – can consider SIP approach in Gold MF/Gold ETF as of now

Stay invested for long term – avoid trading as much as possible.

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