GODZILLA VS KONG - Trailer Breakdown: Is Godzilla Really The Villain Or Is It Mechagodzilla?

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GODZILLA VS KONG - Trailer Breakdown: Is Godzilla Really The Villain Or Is It Mechagodzilla? | Theory Explained. We analyze the theory that Mechagodzilla is actually disguised as Godzilla in the GVK trailer and give our thoughts over whether it's true or not.

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For GODZILLA VS KONG - Official Trailer Breakdown, Things You Missed And Easter Eggs Explained. We breakdown the Warner Bros 2021 Godzilla Vs Kong First Look Teaser Trailer and all the plot leaks, things you missed and more. We'd love to hear your theories so make sure you comment below click here -

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For all these years I thought Godzilla was my bro but then I watch this new trailer and he's smashing cities up

You're embarrassing me, I told them we were friends.

The new GVK Teaser is completely breaking the internet right now and Titan Level Trailer has one big question hanging over it. Why is Godzilla destroying the cities and is he really the one doing it?

Will the real godzilla please stand up?

Well throughout this video we're gonna be breaking it all down and going over our thoughts and theories on what's really going on.

There will be heavy spoilers here as we'll be discussing some of the leaks but nothing beyond what you could learn from the trailer if you were looking closely enough. If this is your first time here then welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show, I'm your host Paul the Mega G when it comes to breakdowns, now let's discuss what's really going on.

Ok so the premise of Godzilla Vs Kong makes it seem like the Towering Titan has had enough of Fish and Ships and he's decided to move his attention to land.

Monarch are stumped, fan boys are outraged and absolutely no one knows why the jolly green giant had decided to turn on the people that love and adore him.

It's seoul crushing, and I don't mean that he stepped on the capital of South though it looks like he may have.

Clearly something else is going on and from the trailers it looks like humanity has decided to take Kong in order to stand a chance against the atomic breath breathing bohemoth.

But what if it's all one big misunderstanding and the king of the monsters is actually being framed for what we see him doing?

Well if you go over the trailer with a fine tooth comb you'll notice that there are two distinct moments that confirm that Mechagodzilla is indeed in the movie. After the initial attack that opens things up you can clearly see his classic metallic shape moving over the the citizens that we see hurtling down the stairs faster than I clicked the trailer video when I got the notification from Warner Bros.

In another part of the first look we can see the character Ren Serizawa standing infront of a control panel with a dinstinct metallic titan shape with the systems reading at Maximum charge.

Ren is actually the son of Ishiro played by Ken Watanabe in the prior movies and it's clear that he's inherited his father's understanding of the Titans and has managed to craft his own.

The place that we see him is clearly a Mechagodzilla control room and this signifies to me that he is definitely being used by the humans.

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