Conversion Conversations: Transformers TCG Ia-Con Online Play Event

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Today on Conversion Conversations Cameron has an exciting announcement to share regarding an upcoming Ia-Con Online Transformers TCG event and the prize support for it! Come check out this quick video to see what sorts of Transformers Prizes you could win by playing the Transformers TCG With us!

Sign up here:

We will be playing in OCTGN, below are links to download OCTGN and get the ATP cards into the game: Download OCTGN: Links to AlphaTrionProtocols cards in OCTGN format here:

Following Alpha Trion Series Constructed format:

How to set up OCTGN and play here:

Alpha Trion Protocols Facebook Group here:

Links to AlphaTrionProtocols cards in OCTGN format here:

Ia-Con Online Twitter:

Ia-Con Online 2021 Transformers TCG Event: Event Rules: Welcome to our first Transformers TCG event for Ia-Con! The event will kick of on January 30th at 12PM EST!

Deck Registration is required by January 30th at 11AM EST. You may register your deck at and send the list to @

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