BobBlast 341 - "Painting with Metallic Gold"

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BobBlast Issue 341 - Painting with Metallic Paint
Welcome back to another BobBlast!

Metallic Gold… brings to mind a few words - majestic, opulence, regal. I admit that I use gold metallic paint in my paintings. I am not, however, painting Byzantine Icons.

For a change, a surprise, or just for a different effect, I will substitute gold gesso for the standard white. This results in dabs of metallic gold overall. I also mix the gold into other paints as a unifying aspect to the painting.

Metallic Gold acrylic paint and gesso is available from most manufacturers. I have found the more shiny the metallic, the more cost to you. The top brands have the pigment saturation I am looking for - Holbein Acrylic Gold Gesso and acrylic paint, Golden's Gold Gesso, and Daniel Smith Gold Gesso. Order a pint of each and you decide.

Just so you know, some gold metallic paints are opaque and some are transparent. The transparent ones have a pearlescent effect. I like this effect because it adds a gold shimmer to my other colors. I use it sparingly, but it adds another dimension to my work.

However, I caution the use of too much gold. My personal opinion about using too much - my painting may start to look gaudy, cheap jewelry-like or too kitsch. That's not the look I am going after! The advantage of using gold is how the other colors are affected when I mix gold into them. I feel that metallic gold mixed into my palette unifies the entire painting.

Try it! Just to see what happens!

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