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Welcome to the long awaited 1k final montage! I spent a lot of time editing this and it has to be my best work yet. You can join my discord server using this link: You can also add me on discord at hahwah#1216. Thanks for 210 subscribers. We are really popping off lately. I hope you enjoy the video! SETUP REVEAL COMING SOON.

Schedule (NEW):
Sunday: Stream at 12:30pm
Monday: Break
Tuesday: Video
Wednesday: Break
Thursday: Break
Friday: Stream at 7:00pm
Saturday: Video

IGN: hahwah


Gamemode: Mega Walls Standard

Pack: Varies. You can put a timestamp in the comments and I can tell you which pack is at that timestamp.

Song #1: The Kings Dead - Good Rebels (feat. Moonflwr) |

Song #2: Herman - Vibe (Official Lyrics) |
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